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Friday, May 13, 2005

Firefox version 1.0.4 release 12 May 2005

Firefox version 1.0.4 has 3 critical patches.

Mozilla lists them here:
Fixed in Firefox 1.0.4
* MFSA 2005-44 Privilege escalation via non-DOM property overrides
* MFSA 2005-43 "Wrapped" javascript: urls bypass security checks
* MFSA 2005-42 Code execution via javascript: IconURL
There has been some gleeful and hysterical publicity about them,
even before an exploit.

1.0.4. should be deployed rather than 1.0.3.

The changes in 1.0.4 are only
* Several security fixes.
* Fix to DHTML errors encountered at some web sites.
(the DHTML error was introduced in 1.0.3..)

Release Notes:

Get Firefox version 1.0.4 here.

Functionally it's the same as 1.0.3. and the configuration files will
work for both.


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